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Professional and Sub-Contractor Testimonials

"Brian has alway been very professional about what he's doing. It's not "just do it," it's "do it right." As an engineer, I appreciate working with him. He doesn't want to cut corners. "

-Don Des Jardin, Engineer, Albuquerque

"I found Brian to be very honest and homeowners here commented on his high quality of construction and craftsmanship."

Michael Hofler, Architect, Fort Worth, TX

 "From my perspective, Brian is certainly a contractor who is attentive to detail. He has the ability to visualize what an architect is putting together. You have to be doing things right to last as long as he has in Angel Fire."

Gary Matthews, Architect, Maxwell, NM

 "He always does what he says he's going to do. He's well organized and stands behind his word and his work."

Alex Herrera, H Excavation

 "Brian is one of the most conscientious contractors in the Valley."

Gary Ahlers, Houston Lumber

Client Testimonials

"This guy is A #1. He's very observant of what's right and wrong in construction. He takes good care of his workers and is well aware of their needs. And he is a gentleman to work with."

Dean Douglas, Angel Fire

"Thank you for making my adventurous vision a reality at Bobcat Ranch. Your honesty, intelligence, and persistent effort carried the day... Your work was excellent, timely, and cost effective. If you ever need more of a recommendation or endorsement than this, pick up the phone!"

Your friend,
Jack Dell

 "We believe we picked the best builder in the Moreno Valley, most definitely."

Susan Vaughan, Angel Fire



"Brian built our Bed & Breakfast in 1996.  Ten years later we are just as happy now as we were then!  Even not being here while most of the building was going up was never a concern with us, as Brian came highly recommended by many people.  Brian exceeded our expectations in every way possible.  We were under a very specific time limit to get it finished, and Brian completed it on time!

When we came up during the building process we found Brian doing extras above and beyond what we expected.  If there was a problem in the process, he took care of it immediately.  If you are considering building a home, we highly recommend Brian, He is conscientious, dependable and trustworthy."

Dean & Joan Douglas, Angel Fire


"I had two homes before working with Brian. We heard good things about him. So when we decided to build our retirement home, he was the first person we talked to. We went over our plans, set a price and he came right in on the nose. We've been really happy. He was always right there to help us out. It's been a very nice relationship."

Dr. Bob Gordon, Angel Fire

"We certainly made the right choice when we chose Brian for a contractor. He did a fabulous job."

Jeanne & Tom Novotny, Amarillo


"We were very pleased with Brian's work, his follow through, his honesty. He assured us the project would be on time and on budget and that's what happened. I was told by a property management company that they'd never had a problem with one of Brian's homes. That's a pretty powerful endorsement."

Dave McLaughlin, Oklahoma City


"We had an architect design our house.  They handed the plans to Brian, and I showed up to a finished house 12 months later.  It came out just like we wanted it to look. 

We have built several houses.  I would rate this our best experience.  I would love for him to build another!

We are very particular...we are not easy going...everything came in on time.  Couldn't say anything better about Shuter Construction.  Best Contractor in Angel Fire, same crew for long enough.  They all take pride in their work."

Brian and Helen Barnes

"We had strong design parameters and wanted a builder to look at the plans and strictly build by our plans.  After several recommendations, we thought Brian was a solid choice.

When you're working on a house from far away you need to have full trust in your builder.  I fully trusted Brian on numbers and products.  He built an absolutely outstanding house.  It's extremely tight, he paid great attention to detail.  His crew is a great group of guys.  The have been working for him long enough and know Brian's expectations.  They displayed an excellence in skills and craftsmanship."

Cedric Chastenet de Gery

"We wholeheartedly recommend Brian Shuter to anyone thinking of building.  He is honest, dependable and willing to work with the homeowner to insure that the finished product is exactly what they want.

He keeps competent crews on hand and has many resources for special projects.  His many years of experience allow him to provide sensible solutions to facilitate design challenges.  Best of all he does this with patience and sense of humor.  Building with Brian is a pleasure."

Cynthia & Michael Collier

"It was my pleasure to work with Brian on the construction of the Shuter Library.  I feel secure in the knowledge that the library is well built and will remain so throughout its lifetime. 

Due to his integrity, honesty, and attention to detail, he was able to keep the costs down while producing a quality building.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is contemplating building in the area."

Debby Clanton, Board President

"We were most impressed with our building, with his honesty and integrity.  Brian is the contractor of my choice. 
I would recommend him to anyone.  He was very professional in the way he worked and his follow up was absolutely top-notch."

Martha Lasseter, Board Treasurer

"Brian built our house like it was his.  He was there checking on it every day....
Brian and Marian truly care about their clients.  We wish we could have Brian and Marian build our house in South Texas."

Mary Beth Maxwell

"Brian Shuter built our home in Angel Fire in 1997, while we still lived in Albuquerque. 
Since then, we have contracted with Brian and his crew to add a deck, a garden shed, and more recently a study, bathroom, storage area, 2-car garage and a paved driveway.  All of Brian's construction has been carefully and tastefully blended and integrated into the original design.  It is a great pleasure working with Brian, Marian, and their excellent crew.  We are so pleased to own a very maintenance-free home that is a joy to live in."

Brian and Carolyn Smith

1.  He's incredibly good at following up after the building is complete---even years later.  The cut list was incredibly trivial, yet he completed everything quickly.
2.  There were absolutely no surprises as far as budgeting the house---the house was a fixed price.
3.  He was easy to work with, along with the guys he has working with him.
4.  The quality of the work was impeccable.  He personally inspects all the facets of the work.
5. He doesn't take on too many houses at once, so the house was built in a timely manner. 
6.  Probably most important, if we were to ever build another house in Angel Fire I would not hesitate in choosing Brian as our Builder.

-Mark Vaughan

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